Headphone Terminology Terms to Know.

Headphones have become very sophisticated over the years. Today different models are designed to perform better in different circumstances. In other words you may be a person who travels a lot and you would be more inclined to purchase noise canceling headphones than someone who spends most of their time listening to music or watching movies at home through their headphones.

So when you go to purchase or upgrade to a better set of headphones not only will you find a variety of styles but you will also be confronted with a group of terms that are specific to the headphone industry. In this article I wanted to cover some of the most common terms associated with headphones so that you can gain a better understanding when selecting the best pair for your specific, type of listening https://techgeek365.com/3-dj-controllers-2017-worth-buying/

Audiophiles, is a term that you will see quite often when shopping for higher quality headphones https://techgeek365.com/3-dj-controllers-2017-worth-buying/.

The term itself is simply to Greek words audio which roughly means to listen or pay attention to and phallus which roughly means having to do weird philosophy. So basically Audiophiles are individuals that are extremely serious about the sound quality of the headphones that they use. The term Noise-cancelling when referring to headphones describes headphones that block out unwanted exterior noise through either passive noise cancellation technology or active noise cancellation technology. The difference between passive and active is with the passive models the sound is blocked out why the headset fitting snugly over the years and forming a tight seal.

Active noise cancellation requires a power source which enables small microphones that are embedded on the headphones themselves. They are usually powered by a small battery unit which is connected on the headphone cord. The microphones pick up surrounding outside noise and reproduce the sound into the ear phones in an anti-phase frequency thus canceling out the exterior noise to your ears.

Active noise cancellation makes it possible to suppress outside noise without drastically increasing the volume of the audio that you’re listening to. This in turn is much healthier for your ears https://techgeek365.com/3-dj-controllers-2017-worth-buying!