Temporary Alternatives to Air Conditioning Repair at

Summer weather can be oppressively hot, but there are lots of fun ways to cool off while waiting for the air conditioning repair technicians to arrive. Bucket Unit Having a bucket, some PVC, a fan, and a gallon jug of cold water, you can create a do it yourself solution to temporarily replace a damaged window unit. First, drill holes in one side from the bucket… Sprinkler Party Whenever you demand ac repair, it may also be the perfect time to relive a number of your favorite childhood activities. Switch on the sprinkler and call up some friends to create their swimsuits. Get a tarp or plastic drop cloth for any slipping and sliding extravaganza. Lathering up with a little dish soap can help you slide further at

This kind of party can also be a great excuse to buy water guns and fill a few buckets filled with water balloons at

With enough people, you can divide into teams for a bet on capture the flag. If your friends have been in their mid-to-late twenties, you might make use of the water guns as a way to mix and serve cocktails. Head to the Coffee Shop Whether you’re looking for ac repair or just looking to spend less cash on utilities, spending some time abroad might help. Coffee shops are among the most popular places to sit down and obtain work done. Alternatively, you can go to the local library or perhaps a quiet neighborhood bar. When you are looking for a place to spend more than a couple of hours, it will help to know your priorities. Do you want to concentrate on getting work done or just pass time? A bar will have noise and distractions, which may not bother some kinds of workers. On days when you aren’t working, spending the afternoons away from home can significantly reduce the time you need to use the A/C at